Every day we hear about the acts of heroism and good will throughout our community and we would like to recognize the work that so many of our essential friends and family members are doing. Folks from the medical profession, to law enforcement, to grocery store and sanitation workers, restaurant staff, and more are going above and beyond to lift our community up so we can rise up stronger when this is behind us. We would love to learn more about each of their stories to compile in an article we are putting together to honor them and the sacrifices they are making to support all of us. We want to collect as many of their stories as we can, and are hoping to reward a lucky few with something special!

We are selecting THREE of our nominated heroes to win a full photo shoot with up to 20 high resolution digital images as a THANK YOU from us to them (when it is safe to do so, of course). We need your help in finding and honoring these deserving and amazing people. Who do you know who has contributed to our community through these challenging times? What are they like as people and why are they a hero in your eyes? Fill out the brief form below to nominate your community hero. Have more than 1 nominee? That’s fantastic! Fill out 1 form per nominee to have each submission counted.

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