The Photographer/owner

Michelle mccrady

Since childhood, I have been artistic -- something I inherited from my mother. I don't know if it is truly genetic, but I do know that I have always loved to create, even from a very young age.


My artistic beginnings involved drawing. I preferred working in charcoal pencils -- creating dark, dramatic images -- I loved the play between shadows and light. Little did I know that would lend itself to my style as a photographer much later down my path.


Over the years I studied performing arts and spent time modeling in front of the camera in NYC. Although modeling did not appeal to me as an ultimate career path, I was nonetheless fortunate for this experience. It provided me with a unique perspective in understanding hesitations and insecurities in front of the camera. I also benefited from the instruction of some of NYC's most talented professional photographers.


It wasn't until I was about to become a mother for the first time that I tried my hand behind the camera. I quickly fell in love with both my newborn son and capturing his images. Just a few short years later, BACINI Photography was born.


Fast forward to today, my family has returned to the United States. I am living in Northern Virginia with my devilishly handsome and hilarious husband, and our three beautiful children. I love exploring the Washington, DC area and am excited to be growing my photography business here.


the meaning behind bacini photography

We were about to embark on a move to Italy when my husband purchased me my first camera. We had prayed for our first son for years, so my husband wanted me to have the ability to take quality photos of him.


Overwhelmed with gratitude, I accepted this gift, and decided to use our time abroad to absorb new photography skills.


I was immediately addicted. Yes -- it was technical, and yes there was so much to learn, practice, and perfect. But I was all in. I took countless courses and attended workshops under some of the best photographers in their respective fields. My love for the craft continued to grow.


Years passed and our son was diagnosed with autism.


This spurred me to turn my hobby into a career so that we could meet all of the challenges that lay ahead as best we could.


I just needed a name for my business, but couldn't come up with one that held the right meaning to me.


Until one day ... a friend of mine received a kiss from my young, non-verbal son.


She said, "Grazie mille per la bacini!"


"What does that mean?" I asked.


She replied, "Bacini means little kisses."


And that was it. A little kiss was a perfect representation of my son's only way to communicate at that time.


His expression of love was my reminder of his innocent, beautiful soul -- a reminder that no matter how tough things may get, express yourself with love.