Halloween is just around the corner! If you are trick-or-treating for two this year, check out these costumes — ranging from silly to spooky– to deck out your baby bump!

Minnie Mouse

Photo Courtesy of Chelsea_Navarro_Fit

Pregnancy is all about stretchy, comfy fabric. Take a page from fitness Instagrammer @Chelsea_Navarro_Fit and turn your favorite athleisure wear into an adorable getup like this Minnie Mouse costume!

“Wilson” the Volleyball

Photo Courtesy of Hello Hayley Blog

The perfect costume for any Cast Away fan — turn your baby bump into “Wilson” the volleyball. Because chances are, you already feel like you’re smuggling your very own volleyball! Check out Instagram for more fun pics from @HelloHayleyBlog.

Pregnant Unicorn

Photo Courtesy of JaclynnKate

Even unicorns can be scary at Halloween as in the case of this pregnant unicorn mama. This costume is one you can make look both gruesome and captivating. There may be a bloody horn poking out of her stomach, but makeup artist and Instagrammer @JaclynnKate still manages to look glam! Check out more of her hair and makeup artistry at JaclynnKate.com.

Frosty the Snow Woman

Photo Courtesy of 3DMaternitees

Who says Frosty can’t make her appearance until Christmas? This adorable t-shirt from 3DMaternitees will make your bump look festive from Halloween all through winter! Check out 3DMaternitees on Etsy to shop this cute shirt (and more!) for dressing up your pregnant belly.

Shredder, Krang, and Master Splinter

Photo Courtesy of This Mom Makes

If you were a kid in the 80s or 90s, channel some of your childhood nostalgia into this amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle-themed costume (pictured: Shredder, Krang, and a canine Master Splinter).  Check out more creative DIY ideas on Instagram from @thismommakes.

The Escaping Baby

Photo Courtesy of Charleston Crafted

If you are nearing your due date, you may be wishing your little one would make their arrival soon! Which makes this escaping baby costume perfect for moms who are ready to pop. For a complete costume tutorial and other fun, easy DIY pregnancy Halloween costumes, check out the blog at Charleston Crafted.

Gum Ball Machine

Photo Courtesy of Seasonal Memories

If you’re looking for something fun and colorful to dress up as this year, a gum ball machine is THE costume for you! For more fun ideas for all the seasons, checkout @seasonalmemories on Instagram.

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